MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO

The MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO is the hearing aid that I finally decided upon after studying most of the available options.  I wanted something that was going to help recapture some of that lost hearing but without going to all the expense of getting one fitted.

The top ranked ones are very expensive and cost thousands.  I didn’t feel I was ready for that sort of expense and yet my hearing was fading.  I was losing the pleasure of interacting with my husband and friends.

If you too have found yourself nodding in agreement at statements that you only half heard or laughing at jokes where you completely missed the punch line, you’ll know what I mean.

You can buy the  MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid from Amazon which is where I got mine from.  They will ship world wide and mine was delivered to New Zealand without any hiccups.

hearing aid

This is the model that I wear and you can read about my experiences in the early days as I weather the inevitable beginner teething problems.

So what were the facts that convinced me this was the right model?  The main one was all the happy, satisfied buyers on Amazon!  In some ways it was as simple as that.  If over 150 people like it enough that they bother to write in with a review, that speaks volume about customer satisfaction.

The  MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO is designed by a doctor. That was another point that gave me confidence.  As it is designed by a doctor (an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) that means that he is very qualified to know what the most important design features are.  What are the points that most people need?

It has been specifically designed to enhance human speech without over amplifying the background noise.  Most of the cheap hearing aids amplify everything which can make it even harder to hear.  The acoustitone hearing aid concentrates on the frequencies between 1000 and 4000 HZ – these are the frequencies of human speech.

This means that you have much less problem with background noise.

For me,this was a great discovery because it is that background noise which was making life so difficult. It invariably drowned out what I was trying to hear.

There are two settings.

One is designed to enhance all frequencies evenly and is recommended if you have hearing loss in all frequencies.  This is often referred to as “flat” loss.

The other setting gives greater amplification to the mid and high frequencies (“sloping” loss).

Now even if you have no idea which of these types of hearing loss you have, you can simply toggle back and forward between them to see which one works best for you.

The  MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid has been tested by Audiologists and is recommended by doctors.

What size is the hearing aid?

size of hearing aid md acoustitone pro
Well, here you see it beside my trusty tape measure. The precise measurements of the beige colored piece of the MD Acoustitone Pro is 1.5 inches long and half an inch wide. This is the piece that will sit behind your ear. (That is approx 40mm by 13mm those of you in metric countries.)

You cut the tubing to fit – and don’t worry, there are clear instructions on how you ensure you get the fit right.

What do you get?

Acoustitone Pro kit

  1. Discount voucher on another hearing aid
  2. 26 page User manual
  3. Info for your friends
  4. Batteries (size 13)
  5. Discount voucher for more batteries
  6. The hearing aid itself
  7. Bag containing various size ear plugs, tube,and cleaner


Different model hearing aids take different sized batteries.  This model takes size 13 and this is a very common and easy to buy size world wide.  4 batteries are included in the kit and the aid takes one so this supply will last awhile.  Size 13 battery is easy to buy online from Amazon or your drug store.

Power One Size 13 Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries (60 batteries)

Most people find that a battery lasts about a week so that is about a year’s supply!

Here in New Zealand I’m paying NZ$9 (currently just over $7 US) for a pack of 6 batteries so that is a great price for you American people.  Unfortunately, although I could buy the hearing aid from the States I could not buy the batteries separately.  However, you get 4 in the kit and that will keep you going for weeks.  The size 13 battery is very easy to find more or less anywhere in the world.

Free shipping if you buy two!
Now this bit of advise is more do what I say rather than do what I do because I did not buy two!  If you know that your hearing loss is mostly in one ear then one would be fine but for many of us the hearing is going in both ears.  So two is the sensible choice.  However, I wanted to be sure it was right for me so I bought one to start with.

I’m sure that is how many people approach it and in many ways that is a sensible way to do it.

Am I happy with my choice?

I’m delighted! 🙂

This hearing aid has given me everything I wanted. It is particularly good at discriminating between speech and background noise and also for watching television. Those were the two most important factors for me.

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