Hearing Aids And Itchy Ears

Here’s a strange one – I’m finding my hearing aid is giving me itchy ears!

After wearing it for a couple of hours I just have to take out the aid and give my ear a good scratch!

The itchiness is right inside the ear canal. Last night I gave my ear a good poke with a cotton bud (called Q-tips in some countries) which probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do but it itched just so jolly much. This morning, my ear felt as if it had a blockage which I gather was the result of my too enthusiastic poking with the cotton bud. Other people have reported similar problem from too much poking at it.

You can actually perforate the ear drum doing this so, repeat after me everyone,


Itchy ears seem to be a common problem with hearing aids so don’t despair if you get it to. By the same token not everyone gets an itchy ear.

General advise centers around keeping the aid clean (I figure I haven’t mine long enough for it to be dirty!), keeping your ear clean (mine always is, thank you very much!), keeping ear dry and various creams.

Sensible advise is to get your ear checked by your ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist first just to be sure you don’t have an underlying problem.

Some types of aid seem more likely to cause this than others.

You need to keep both hearing aids and ears very clean – probably cleaner than before you had an aid. Evidently fungal infections can get started without this scrupulous cleanliness. Can’t say I remember either of my parents spending much time cleaning their aids but perhaps as a kid I just never noticed.

Some people use Murine to clean their ears and other people use Sweet oil.

Other people make up a 50/50 solution of alcohol and vinegar and use a cotton bud to swab their ears nightly with that mix.

The important thing is to keep the ear canal both clean and dry. After your shower really dry your ear, perhaps more than you use to.

My itchiness is not bothersome enough that I am going to buy anything at this stage. I’ll try the alcohol and vinegar mix and see how that goes.

I’ve also see suggested Miracell for alleviating itching inside the ear. A suggestion from an audiologist is to put some onto a cotton bud and gently move it in the ear so the Miracell gets onto the skin. According to his advice it should be done every other day. This suggestion was more if you felt the itchiness was caused through dryness and I know that the Miracell products do have a good reputation with general skin irritation, however this is getting back to poking something in your ear. Be very careful with anything in your ear.

If you’ve had this problem and have any suggestions, or have you used any of these products, please do comment below with advise.