Hearing Loss

Here you’ll find articles on hearing loss that I hope will help guide you through the roller coaster ride that we all experience as our hearing diminishes.

Causes of Hearing Loss
The human ear is a delicate instrument, and its anatomy is just as delicate. To understand how most people lose their hearing, we first must look at how the whole process of hearing works.

Lists many of the most common causes of hearing loss Click through on title to read more
Emotional Cost of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can, in extreme cases, be devastating to the patient and patient’s family alike.

A look at several real-life cases of hearing loss demonstrates the range of emotional reactions in patients with different personalities. Click through on title to read more
Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Losing your hearing is bad enough. When it’s accompanied by tinnitus, however, it can be annoying, frightening, exasperating, and emotionally draining. Some patients who suffer from tinnitus in addition to hearing loss say they would rather go completely deaf and have utter silence than to deal with the constant “noise” of tinnitus. Click through on title to read more
Hearing Loss In Youth And Teenagers

Today’s teens seem to be losing their hearing at a faster rate than their parents and grandparents did. In fact, news media would like us to believe that there’s epidemic of hearing loss among youngsters of all ages.

But is that really the case? With one exception—which we’ll get to in a minute—experts don’t think so.

“I don’t think there’s more hearing loss, I think it’s more that it’s being identified more now,” said Bart Baker, audiologist at the world-renowned Farrior Ear Clinic in Tampa, Florida (USA). “For instance, newborn hearing screenings are in place in many hospitals now. And people recognize that if a child’s speech isn’t developing properly, many times that can be attributed to hearing loss.” Click through on title to read more
What Is Otosclerosis

Otosclerosis, which is an abnormal bone growth in the middle ear, can causing hearing loss and other associated symptoms. Fortunately this is a condition that’s usually treatable, but without treatment the patient eventually loses his or her hearing. The ear is a delicate instrument that is easily damaged and this is but one of a surprising number of conditions that can damage the inner ear and cause hearing loss. Click through on title to read more
Causes of Hearing Loss In Children

In order for a child’s speech and language skills to develop properly, he must be able to hear what’s going on in the world around him. If she can’t hear her parents’ voices, she isn’t going to learn to speak.

Quite a few factors can cause a baby to be born with a hearing impairment, or even completely deaf. Hearing loss that’s present at birth is called congenital hearing loss. It may be caused by genetic factors, or something that happened during the mother’s pregnancy or during the birth process. Click through on title to read more