MDHearingAid Acoustitone Pro – My First Day

Today is the first day of wearing my new MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO.

Lots of new experiences – the most obvious being sound! I’m inundated with it!

This is both wonderful and also slightly overpowering. For instance, as I type this I’m acutely aware of the sounds of the keyboard – of my fingers tapping away and the clatter as my thumb hits the space key. I’m sure it was all just as loud when I learned to touch type many years ago but I realize that I haven’t actually heard these sounds clearly for years.

They do warn that there will be many sounds that you haven’t heard for a long time and that sometimes it is best to wear your hearing aid for only 30-60 minutes for the first day and gradually extend the time so that you don’t overload yourself. It can be disconcerting hearing so much noise. I’ll wear it for longer than that as I’m enjoying hearing so much but I probably won’t wear it for the entire day.

It is a little overpowering hearing so much. You don’t realize just how many sounds are silently fading away. Each day they get quieter and quieter until one day you’re not hearing them and you don’t even realize they’ve gone.

Well, today – they’re all back!
blackbird eating apples
So what have been the delights?

Hearing the sound of birds has been the biggest highlight for me so far. We encourage the bird life into our garden but I’ve never heard much from them. I enjoy watching them flit about and use the bird bath but they’ve been a silent lot for me for the most part. Today, they’re a-squawking and a-chirruping left, right and center. Love it! I can hear birds flying overhead as they call to each other.

Now I know most people would be saying the sound of a loved one’s voice or the sound of children was their biggest delight from their new hearing aid but as this is my first day, I actually waited until my husband had gone out so that I could experiment in private. I guess I felt a little self conscious. So I haven’t actually heard another person speak yet other than on the television.

Biggest shock? The sound of the toilet flushing!

Yes, really – it sounded like Niagara Falls! Now I understand why small children are sometimes frightened of the toilet.

Most alarming sound? The floorboards creaking as I walked across the kitchen. I know it is an old house and that floor boards move in old houses – but I’m not THAT heavy! That wasn’t such a great revelation. Maybe it’s time to lose a pound or two.

So am I pleased with my MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO? You bet! Being a bit of a cheapskate I only bought one despite knowing that I was losing my hearing in both ears. I’ll let myself get used to wearing one first but I can already see how much better my hearing would be if I had one in each ear.

On this, my first day with the hearing aid, I wore it for about 2 hours and then removed it for a couple of hours. The inside of my ear was just starting to get – not sore – but just conscious of something in it. It almost felt itchy inside my ear. In fact as the day progressed my ear did get quite itchy within the ear canal. I had to take the aid out several times just to give my ear a good rub!

UPDATE: I put my hearing aid back in to listen to television in the evening and was impressed with the quality of sound. Much louder. I was able to turn the sound down by 4 settings which made my husband very happy – and probably the long suffering dogs as well!

It’s too soon to say whether it helps with the background music or not yet as that is an intermittent problem – only some movies seem to play music that – for me – simply drown out the words of the actors. Certainly that did not happen but whether that was because of the hearing aid or because the background music was playing quietly I can’t say.

The MDHearingAid Acoustitone PRO Hearing Aid is available at Amazon and ships worldwide.