Second Day With New Hearing Aid

Well I’m into my second day with the hearing aid and still loving it.

It hasn’t all been roses, I must admit. There are some things that do take some getting use to.
toy poodle
Dogs barking, for instance!

Now anyone who knows anything about poodles will know they do like to bark and our two are no exception. I’m well used to their yapping and normally it doesn’t bother me. But today – I just about jump through the roof each time they “go off”!

I know this is to be expected and that I will get use to it. The manual made it clear that everyone finds this to start with.

If you are new to hearing aids, be aware that there will be sounds that you may not have heard in a long time. You will be able to tune out background noise in a short time.

No-one could call our two “background noise” by any stretch of the imagination but I had forgotten just how penetrating those little voices can be!

And friends popped in this morning and I was surprised how loud they seem to speak.

And when a fly buzzed past it sounded as if it had actually got into my ear. Yuck!

It isn’t as if I have my hearing aid set too loud. I have it on the 1 setting which is very low (it goes up to 4) but it really does have good amplification.

My hearing has obviously been getting worse for quite some time. I hadn’t realized it had got that bad.

Part of it is that I assume hearing loss means a person is old and as I don’t feel old, I felt it couldn’t happen to me. So for a long time I blamed it on my husband talking too softly! He never argued – bless him 🙂

The next generation, of course, is going to be suffering hearing loss at a far earlier age than people of my generation. I don’t believe that I have abused my hearing particularly. I mean I wasn’t a rock concert groupie perched two feet away from the drums or anything!

But for whatever reason at the moderately young age of 52 my hearing has deteriorated to this point.

I’m just grateful to live in a country where these sort of problems can be sorted so easily.